Charles I Citron

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Esthetic restorations for the anterior primary dentition are discussed. Varied primary crowns--stainless steel, composite strip crowns, preformed ceramo-base metal crowns, and stainless steel crowns with composite facings--are evaluated as to their advantages and disadvantages. The repair of grossly decayed teeth, for example, nursing bottle caries, using(More)
  • C I Citron
  • ASDC journal of dentistry for children
  • 1977
Metacresylacetate with calcium hydroxide in a methylcellulose base produces clinically and radiographically successful pulpotomies, when performed on sound primary teeth. Under sterile conditions, with proper surgical and restorative technique, pulp tissue will heal with metacresylacetate with calcium hydroxide-methylcellulose. The dental pulp will form on(More)
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