Charles Hymans

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A great variety of static analyses that compute safety properties of single-thread programs have now been developed. This paper presents a systematic method to extend a class of such static analyses, so that they handle programs with multiple POSIX-style threads. Starting from a pragmatic operational semantics, we build a denotational semantics that(More)
This paper describes a new static analysis to show the absence of memory errors, especially string buffer overflows in C programs. The analysis is specifically designed for the subset of C that is found in critical embedded software. It is based on the theory of abstract interpretation and relies on an abstraction of stores that retains the length of string(More)
Static analysis is a difficult task, partly because programming languages are extremely rich, and have intricate semantics with architecture-dependent aspects. We have therefore chosen to design Newspeak, a kernel language dedicated to the purpose of static analysis. And, we have implemented a front-end, C2Newspeak, that translates C programs into Newspeak.(More)
Several security flaws are the consequence of the presence of programming errors or bugs in software. Heap overflow is the typical example of such errors that allows an attacker to take control of a machine. But considering the growing size and complexity of present software, implementing programs without any error is not an easy task. In this paper, we(More)
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