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This is the first of two volumes which together describe comprehensively the theory and practice of the numerical computation of internal and external flows. In this volume, the author explains the use of basic computational methods to solve problems in fluid dynamics, comparing these methods so that the reader can see which would be the most appropriate to(More)
The present paper describes an unstructured hexahedral mesh generator for viscous flow simulations around complex 3D configurations. The first step of this method is the geometric adaptation of an initial non-body-fitted mesh by grid embedding. The resulting octree mesh is then fitted to the actual boundaries of the domain and its main features, such as(More)
We consider Euclidean first-passage percolation on a large family of connected random geometric graphs in the d-dimensional Euclidean space encompassing various well-known models from stochastic geometry. In particular, we establish a strong linear growth property for shortest-path lengths on random geometric graphs which are generated by point processes.(More)
The family of DG methods for solution of Linearized Euler Equations (LEE) is considered. For model advection equation, comparison of various DG schemes and finite-volume schemes is performed. Realization of Roe solver of Riemann problem for LEE is investigated. The following possibilities to increase the effectiveness of Riemann solver are considered: 1) to(More)
1. Code description. The results presented in this report have been obtained with a high-order Euler solver based on the novel Flux Reconstruction (FR) method (Huynh H.T. (2007)(2009)). This is implemented in the unstructured solver FINE/Open tm , and handles every element topology (Hexas, Prisms, Tetras, and Pyrams) on hybrid meshes. In FR scheme the(More)
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