Charles Herrmann

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We present a method for obtaining lab-quality measurements of pointing performance from unobtrusive observations of natural in situ interactions. Specifically, we have developed a set of user-independent classifiers for discriminating between deliberate, targeted mouse pointer movements and those movements that were affected by any extraneous factors. To(More)
The visual observer performance for detecting low-contrast patterns by employing both the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) and the 9-alternative forced choice (9-AFC) method is investigated. For each observer and each experimental technique, the results were reproducible with respect to a repeated observation. When the results of different observers(More)
Shortening chopping length at harvest of biogas crops is a basic method of mechanical pretreatment that potentially affects subsequent conservation and biogas production processes. The objective of this study was to assess the influence of a wider range of particle size distributions achieved by laboratory chopping and of practice-oriented short and very(More)
Reducing chopping length for biogas crop harvesting is a pretreatment method to support the processes of ensiling and methane formation, yet it also increases expenditures at harvest. To assess environmental performance and economic viability, the effects of reducing chopping lengths from common to very short settings on energy balance, greenhouse gas(More)
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