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PURPOSE The technology and sophistication of healthcare utilization databases have expanded over the last decade to include results of lab tests, vital signs, and other clinical information. This review provides an assessment of the methodological and analytical challenges of conducting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) outcomes research in a(More)
Newborns and infants are often exposed to painful procedures during hospitalization. Several different scales have been validated to assess pain in specific populations of pediatric patients, but no single scale can easily and accurately assess pain in all newborns and infants regardless of gestational age and disease state. A new pain scale was developed,(More)
Fault and responsibility are key concepts in understanding how victims and assailants are, or are not, held accountable by society. We used a fractional factorial vignette design with a community-residing sample of 3,679 adults to examine judgments about intimate partner violence (IPV). Although fault, or causal responsibility, was assigned most often to(More)
The last century has seen the ascendance of a core economic model, which we will refer to as Walrasian economics. This model is driven by the psychological assumptions that humans act only in a self-referential and narrowly rational way and that production can be described as a self-contained circular flow between firms and households. These assumptions(More)
Using the already validated Coh-Metrix tool, this study examines whether there are significant linguistic and discourse differences between biomedical abstracts for American and Korean English. Also, the current study accounts for variation among journals' countries of origin, distinguishing between biomedical journals published in the United States from(More)
An advanced, physics-based supercomputer/GIS wildfires modeling system has been developed that incorporates chemistry, radiation physics, the local weather and its decisive two-way interactions with the fire, the effects of complex terrain on weather and fire behavior, and represents fuel in three dimensions. ArcGIS is being employed to efficiently process(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteosarcoma overall survival has plateaued around 70%, without meaningful improvements in over 30years. Outcomes for patients with overt metastatic disease at presentation or who relapse are dismal. In this study we investigated a novel osteosarcoma therapy utilizing radioimmunotherapy (RIT) targeted to IGF2R, which is widely expressed in OS.(More)