Charles H. Pickett

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Classical biological control can be considered as a particular type of biological invasion in which experimental approaches are possible. The scientific objective of our research programme is to test in natura the influence of intra-specific hybridization on the success of biological invasions in general, and of biological control introductions in(More)
The establishment of olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae (Rossi) in California, USA instigated a classical biological program. This study reports the release and recovery of two solitary larval endoparasitoids, Psyttalia humilis Silvestri and Psyttalia lounsburyi (Silvestri) imported from sub-Saharan Africa, and released in five coastal and three inland(More)
Lygus hesperus is native to western United States and is a pest to numerous field and seed crops. In California, it is a key pest of cotton and strawberries, both highly valued crops. Extensive surveys for natural enemies in western United States have found one egg and two nymphal parasitoids attacking Lygus species, primarily L. hesperus. However in(More)
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