Charles Gnanaraj

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OBJECTIVE To detect the in vitro total phenolics, flavonoids contents and antioxidant activity of essential oil, various organic extracts from the leaves of tropical medicinal plant Tetrastigma from(More)
CONTEXT Nephrolepis biserrata L. (Nephrolepidaceae) has been used in folk medicine for protection against different diseases. OBJECTIVE The current research investigated the protective effect of(More)
Synedrella nodiflora is a medicinal plant that is used by the natives of Sabah, Malaysia to treat rheumatism and several other ailments. This study aims to evaluate the ability of the crude aqueous(More)
Plants have been consumed in medicinal practices for centuries. Lygodium microphyllum (Cav.) R.Br. (Lygodiaceae), also known as Old World Climbing Fern, is a medicinal plant used by local communities(More)
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