Charles Giardina

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KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) is the automated discovery of patterns and relationships in large databases. Data mining is one step in the KDD process. Many data mining algorithms and methods find data patterns using techniques such as neural Analyzer is a data mining method that finds dependency rules of the form X ⇒ Y. Data is Booleanized with(More)
BACKGROUND Normal cells possess a limited proliferative life span after which they enter a state of irreversible growth arrest. This process, known as replicative senescence, is accompanied by changes in gene expression that give rise to a variety of senescence-associated phenotypes. It has been suggested that these gene expression changes result in part(More)
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is used for a number of applications, including the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and CO poisoning. However, we and others have shown that HBOT can mobilize cellular antioxidant defenses, suggesting that it may also be useful under circumstances in which tissue protection from oxidative damage is desired. To test the(More)
Mitotic inhibitors are widely utilized chemotherapeutic agents that take advantage of mitotic defects in cancer cells. We have identified a novel class of piperazine-based mitotic inhibitors, of which AK301 is the most potent derivative identified to date (EC50 < 200 nM). Colon cancer cells arrested in mitosis with AK301 readily underwent a p53-dependent(More)
The disease burden from diabetic kidney disease is large and growing. Effective therapies are lacking, despite an urgent need. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) activates Nrf2 and cellular antioxidant defenses; therefore, it may be generally useful for treating conditions that feature chronic oxidative tissue damage. Herein, we determined how periodic(More)
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