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A representative community sample of primiparous depressed women and a nondepressed control group were assessed while in interaction with their infants at 2 months postpartum. At 3 months, infants were assessed on the Still-face perturbation of face to face interaction, and a subsample completed an Instrumental Learning paradigm. Compared to nondepressed(More)
In the past decade, energy companies have learned to tap previously inaccessible oil and gas in shale with " hydraulic fracturing " (" fracturing " or " fracking "), pumping fluid at high pressure to crack the shale and release gas and oil trapped inside. This " shale revolution " has created millions of jobs, enhanced our energy independence, and reduced(More)
B. For at least the next decade, excess LNG exporting and import capacity will give consumers leverage in pricing. Afterwards, LNG capacity needs to increase to meet projected import requirements, and pricing will have to accommodate new projects .. Acknowledgements The Capstone Team would like to thank our faculty advisors, Natasha Udensiva and Katherine(More)
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