Charles-François de Lannoy

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Mixtures of long- and short-chain phospholipids, specifically 14:0 and 6:0 phosphatidylcholines (DMPC and DHPC), have been used successfully in NMR studies as magnetically alignable substrates for membrane-associated proteins. However, recent publications have shown that the phase behavior of these mixtures is much more complex than originally thought.(More)
Cellulose nanomaterials are naturally occurring with unique structural, mechanical and optical properties. While the paper and packaging, automotive, personal care, construction, and textiles industries have recognized cellulose nanomaterials' potential, we suggest cellulose nanomaterials have great untapped potential in water treatment technologies. In(More)
Electrically conductive polymer-nanocomposite (ECPNC) tight nanofiltration (NF) thin film membranes were demonstrated to have biofilm-preventing capabilities under extreme bacteria and organic material loadings. A simple route to the creation and application of these polyamide-carbon nanotube thin films is also reported. These thin films were characterized(More)
Transformation of rat NRK-49F cells (49F) by Kirsten murine sarcoma virus (Ki-MSV) renders these cells (Ki-49F cells) capable of autonomous anchorage independent (AI) growth. As compared to nontransformed 49F cells, the transformation by Ki-MSV does not modify the cell response to transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) in monolayer conditions, but(More)