Charles Fernandez

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Terpenoid production (emission and storage) within foliage plays direct and indirect defensive and protective functions for the plant, mediates complex trophic relationships and controls the oxidation capacity of the atmosphere. Both biotic and abiotic conditions alter terpenoid production, with herbivory, light and temperature effects being reasonably well(More)
A population of the wild potato S. stoloniferum form fendleri (PI 660270) was collected as botanical seeds in the Santa Rita Mountains near Green Valley, Arizona, USA in fall 2010. Original seeds planted for multiplication at the genebank produced two plants with extra whorls of petals, sometimes fused with anthers, and, most remarkably, successive whorls(More)
Potato has two wild relatives native to the USA, Solanum jamesii (jam) and S. fendleri (fen). Core collections are a useful tool for genebanks, identifying a ranked minimum number of samples that together encompass most of the total genetic diversity. With diversity measured as presence of AFLP bands, we made core collections for each species such that >90(More)
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