Charles Fernandez

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We report a case of Acanthamoeba encephalitis diagnosed from an antemortem brain biopsy specimen, where the organism was first isolated in mycobacterial liquid medium and first identified by using a sequence generated by a commercial panfungal sequencing assay. We correlate susceptibility results with clinical outcome.
A population of the wild potato S. stoloniferum form fendleri (PI 660270) was collected as botanical seeds in the Santa Rita Mountains near Green Valley, Arizona, USA in fall 2010. Original seeds planted for multiplication at the genebank produced two plants with extra whorls of petals, sometimes fused with anthers, and, most remarkably, successive whorls(More)
INTRODUCTION Sleep disorders are among the clinical entities with a great health and socioeconomic impact. So far, in Spain there are isolated epidemiologic data, lacking from studies that cover the full spectrum of sleep disorders in the general adult population. METHODS A sample of 1,500 adult subjects from Madrid were interviewed during the first(More)
  • Compatibility Alsahlany, D Zarka, +16 authors S Vega
  • 2016
Genetic gains cannot be easily fixed in potato due to obligatory outbreeding. The wild diploid species have biodiversity for economic traits that the potato breeders can use to produce new varieties. Using the dominant self-incompatibility inhib-itor Sli gene from M6 we are modifying self-incompatible diploid species hybrids to a self-compatible population(More)
Development of lower acrylamide (AA) potato varieties for the potato processing industry requires rapid and accurate quantification methods to facilitate selection. This study focused on the development of NIRS as a screening tool for the prediction of AA concentration in French-fries and chips. For NIRS calibration in chips, samples of potato clones were(More)
BACKGROUND The variability in the diagnostic observations could be a problem both in the clinical and in the epidemiological field. Scarce data exist in the literature on this phenomenon, relatives to the field of the cerebrovascular illness, in their nosologic, semiologic and etiologic aspects. We pretend to study the interobserver variability in the(More)
We describe priority issues and some of the results obtained from the implementation of the Prevention and Reduction of Traffic Accident Injuries program in a health area. Since 1999 the public health center has made a priority of identifying and recruiting partners from other sectors (the local police association and the local education authority),(More)