Charles Fallais

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From their beginnings in the 1950s until the 1970s, when most of today's generic radiopharmaceuticals had become established, Europe genuinely was a single market. Nuclear medicine was conducted within a small community of highly expert clinical users supplied with radiopharmaceuticals by equally specialist manufacturers. Availability and product(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the role of histologic tumor characteristics, in comparison with a normal tissue, and of tumor vascularization on the uptake and retention of colloidal 32P used in infusional brachytherapy of solid cancers. The cytotoxicity of colloidal 32P was also evaluated for two tumors of different radiosensitivity, a melanoma, and a(More)
Sixty patients with a variety of malignant tumors were examined with Tc-99m(V) dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) prepared by modification of a commercially available DMSA kit. Significant uptake of Tc-99m(V)-DMSA was observed in a number of tumors, offering additional clinically useful information. In the majority of cases in this study, however, the benefit(More)
BACKGROUND The existence of intratissular lymphaticovenous anastomoses has often been suggested, but it has never been demonstrated. This study aims at demonstrating the presence of such anastomoses. METHODS AND RESULTS The free flap model was used to investigate the drainage of radiolabeled colloid particles whose size prevents direct passage to the(More)
After a brief historical introduction to Council Directives relating to the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals the work of the Association of Radiopharmaceuticals Producers — Europe (ARPE) is discussed. ARPE has played a significant role as an officially recognized interlocutor with the EEC, influencing decisions on the registration of radiopharmaceuticals(More)
Positron emission tomography (PET) and its recent update PET/CT are very effective diagnostic tools for noninvasive imaging of metabolic or functional disorders in target tissues. The clinical usefulness of fluorodeoxyglucose-(18F) (FDG) has been now widely accepted. Recently, the clinical usefulness of fluoroDOPA(18F) or FDOPA, an aminoacid labelled with(More)
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