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Finding Their Voice: Northeastern Villagers and the Thai State
This book traces the evolution of the rural, Lao-speaking people of northeastern Thailand, now over a third of the nation's population, from a traditional peasantry into "cosmopolitan" villagers whoExpand
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Isan: regionalism in northeastern Thailand
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Presidential Address: “The Peoples of Asia”—Science and Politics in the Classification of Ethnic Groups in Thailand, China, and Vietnam
On a visit to a northern province in the 1950s, Ho Chi Minh, who had spent many years during the war with the French living with upland peoples in northern Vietnam, asked local authorities how manyExpand
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The Destruction of a Shrine to Brahma in Bangkok and the Fall of Thaksin Shinawatra: The Occult and the Thai Coup in Thailand of September 2006
On the night of March 21st, 2006, a 27 year-old man, Thanakorn Pakdeepol, took a hammer and smashed the image of the Hindu deity Brahma - whom the Thai call Thao Maha Phrom - near the Erawan hotel inExpand
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Millennialism, Theravāda Buddhism, and Thai Society
Theoretical Considerations In this paper I am concerned with the explanation of a type of religious phenomenon I shall refer to as millennialism. I would, at the outset, underline the religiousExpand
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Highlanders of Thailand
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Weber and Anthropology
▪ Abstract This article is about the influence of the work of the German sociologist Max Weber (1864–1920) on English-speaking anthropologists. Although Weber does not figure prominently in theExpand
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Hāēn khuan nāk, ritual held at Phanasit Company office, Mae Sariang
Index, Thai transcript, and English translation of tape recording of hāēn khuan nāk; explanation of items used in ceremony; Acān hāēn khuan; chanting.