Charles F. Mohr

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BACKGROUND Renal amyloidosis (RA) is a progressive and fatal renal disease. HYPOTHESIS Clinical and pathologic manifestations of RA differ between Chinese Shar-Pei (CSPs) and non-Shar-Pei (NSPs) dogs. ANIMALS 91 client-owned dogs. METHODS Retrospective review of medical records of dogs with a histological diagnosis of RA. Clinical and(More)
In the Reader’s Digest for September appears an article by PauldeKruifentitled“Found:AOneDayCure forSyphilis,”heraldedby theeditorsof thatperiodical as“themedical sensation of theyear.” In thisarticleMr.deKruif states that“nowthereactually ispromiseofaonedaycure.”Heassertswithout,ofcourse, any basis in fact that “the standard eighteen month course of(More)