Charles F Koopmann

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Intracranial complications of paranasal sinusitis constitute true surgical and medical emergencies. The charts of all patients (n = 649) admitted for acute or chronic sinusitis to the University of Minnesota Hospital and to the University of Michigan Medical Center during a 13-year period (1975 to 1988) were retrospectively reviewed to determine the(More)
Lethal midline granuloma (LMG), initially a clinical description, includes an uncommon group of disorders characterized by a relentless, destructive process involving the upper respiratory structures. Its etiology and pathogenesis are uncertain, probably varied, and the distinction between inflammatory and malignant processes is difficult despite extensive(More)
The authors present an extensive review of current literature as well as their ten-year experience in management of patients with retropharyngeal abscesses. Emphasis is placed upon age, sex, type and duration of symptoms, bacteriology, methods of diagnosis, therapy, and complications. The authors' series reveals that retropharyngeal abscesses are found in(More)
As a discipline, skull-base surgery via the transtemporal route has matured since 1975. Previously considered unresectable, skull-base tumors with intracranial extension can now be successfully removed by means of modification of contemporary exposures with neurosurgical collaboration. Between September 1970 and February 1986, 126 skull-base tumors have(More)
Disorders of breathing related to sleep are relatively newly recognized and less than fully understood. This review presents the terminology used to describe them, and describes the physiology of sleep and the control of ventilation, the pathophysiology of breathing disorders during sleep, their various clinical manifestations, current diagnostic(More)
There are only six case reports documenting the presence of glial tissue in the tongue. Because of the small number of cases, the presentation and biologic behavior of these lesions is poorly characterized. We present the case of a 10-day-old male infant who arrived at the University of Michigan Medical Center with a history of positional dyspnea, with(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the clinical and pathological features of pediatric myofibroma of the head and neck and to discuss the challenges in diagnosis and treatment. DESIGN A retrospective search of pathology department and clinical records to identify patients with myofibroma and a retrospective review of English-language medical publications. SETTING(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS To create a case-based curriculum designed to teach and discuss the tenets of clinical medical ethics within an otolaryngology department. STUDY DESIGN Survey-based study in a single-institution, academic otolaryngology department. METHODS Case-based departmental ethics grand rounds were implemented on a quarterly basis within an(More)
Digital electronic technology has made its most notable contribution to radiology in the form of the CT scanners which have so greatly benefited medical practice. Experience with intravenous angiography using a digital fluoroscopy unit developed at the University of Arizona gives promise of a further major benefit in the area of angiography. The majority of(More)
Respiratory papillomas (RPs) are benign, virally induced tumors of the larynx and respiratory epithelium that may obstruct the airway and tend to recur frequently. RPs are thought to be the result of infection with the human papillomaviruses (HPVs) types 6 and 11. We surveyed archival RP specimens to determine whether there were correlations of HPV type(More)