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OBJECTIVE Determine the effect of a moderate dose multivitamin/mineral supplement on children with autistic spectrum disorder. DESIGN Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled 3-month study. SUBJECTS Twenty (20) children with autistic spectrum disorder, ages 3-8 years. RESULTS A Global Impressions parental questionnaire found that the supplement(More)
Terrorism involving nuclear or radiologic weapons can devastate populations, city infrastructures, and entire sociopolitical systems. In our age of nuclear medicine and therapeutic radiation delivery, the unauthorized and illegal acquisition of radioactive materials needed for such an attack is always a possibility and risk. Physicians handling high-energy(More)
A technique was developed to image marine snow particles by scanning confocal laser microscopy (SCLM). This method allows structural and compositional characterization of fully hydrated marine snow particles with minimal disruption of the particle structure. High specificity fluorescent stains permitted sequential imaging of selected polysaccharides(More)
Preface Scientists working within the Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) project have been making repeated observations of the hydrography, chemistry and biology at a station north of Oahu, Hawaii since October 1988. The objective of this research is to provide a comprehensive description of the ocean at a site representative of the central North Pacific(More)
In 1936, T.P. Wright first described the learning curve theory, in which repetition of the same operation results in less time or effort expended on that operation. While many studies have examined the learning curve under various situations such as manufacturing and customer service, surprisingly little attention has been given to companies for whom(More)
A study of survival rates after retirement was conducted for a large corporation in the petroleum industry. A regression analysis was performed to control for age, sex, job status, and type of work differences that may influence longevity. Examination of the residuals showed a bimodal distribution: one group died (on the average) six and a half years after(More)
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