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This study investigates two design factors of store atmosphere in relation to store image and consumers' expectations of merchandise quality for web-based stores. We address this purpose through the use of the Stimulus–Organism–Response (S–O–R) model on which five hypotheses were drawn based on research conducted with brick-and-mortar and web-based stores.(More)
In this paper we assess the reading preference for marketing journals by deriving a journal utility scale based on click responses to table of contents postings to the ELMAR virtual community. Use of ELMAR data provides a unique window into journal importance, allowing us to look at table of contents reading behavior rather than citing behavior or(More)
1 This manuscript is currently in press (2007) in the Journal of Value Chain Management. This version is not paginated, and should not be used for citation purposes. A paginated version is available from the Journal of Value Chain Management. ABSTRACT Services marketing research increases in both intensity and relevance as services contribute an increasing(More)
This research uses online experiments and consumer behavior literature to investigate how location and copy on a web page influence the rate of clicks on a link. As in other media, the results support these effects on web page clicking behavior. Two experiments demonstrate how to more than double the number of clicks on a web page as well as the value of(More)