Charles F. Hofacker

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This study investigates two design factors of store atmosphere in relation to store image and consumers’ expectations of merchandise quality for web-based stores. We address this purpose through the use of the Stimulus–Organism–Response (S–O–R) model on which five hypotheses were drawn based on research conducted with brick-and-mortar and web-based stores.(More)
This study focuses on the isomorphic pressures and firm capabilities that affect strategic decision-making in organizations in the context of m-commerce. The authors take into consideration that the three isomorphic forces set forth by DiMaggio and Powell (1983), mimetic, coercive and normative pressures, work together to impact strategic decisions based on(More)
Since their introduction in the 1960s, packaged computer programs have freed researchers from much drudgery and painstaking computational labor. Before the distribution of these packages, many meaningful projects could not be attempted, simply because the data analysis phase would have been too labor intensive. However, the very ease of use of these(More)
This research uses online experiments and consumer behavior literature to investigate how location and copy on a web page influence the rate of clicks on a link. As in other media, the results support these effects on web page clicking behavior. Two experiments demonstrate how to more than double the number of clicks on a web page as well as the value of(More)