Charles F. Harvey

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Single cells were recorded in the magnocellular red nucleus (RNm) of two cynomolgus monkeys using tungsten microelectrodes. The first monkey was trained to press finger switches and to operate a push-pull device. Comparison of responses while operating the two devices demonstrated a strong distal bias. The finger device elicited large modulations in(More)
BACKGROUND Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction is a prevalent cause of chronic, unremitting lower back pain. OBJECTIVE To concurrently compare outcomes after surgical and nonsurgical treatment for chronic SIJ dysfunction. METHODS A total of 148 subjects with SIJ dysfunction were randomly assigned to minimally invasive SIJ fusion with triangular titanium(More)
Down's syndrome (DS) individuals, relative to nonretarded individuals, have greater difficulty remembering brief sequences of verbal information presented auditorily. Previous research suggests at least two possible attentional explanations of their difficulty: They are especially susceptible to both auditory distraction and off-task glancing during(More)
BACKGROUND Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) fusion (SIJF), first performed 95 years ago, has become an increasingly accepted surgical option for chronic SIJ dysfunction. Few studies have reported intermediate- or long-term outcomes after SIJF. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to determine patient-based outcomes after SIJF for chronic SIJ dysfunction due to(More)
Postischemic limb swelling following reperfusion may be related to microvascular changes associated with ischemia. We used lymph-to-plasma total protein concentration ratios (L/P) and lymph flow (QL) as an index of transvascular exchange in the intact dog hindlimb during steady state (C) (1 hr), ischemia (I) (6 hr), and reperfusion (R) (3 hr). Central(More)
A venous embolism model with autogenous thrombus was used for comparison of the functional properties of two new vena caval devices: a titanium Greenfield filter and the bird's nest filter. All nine Greenfield filters were correctly placed in the inferior vena cava and produced significant clot lysis of 81.3% +/- 16.3% (p less than 0.001, paired t test).(More)
Antithrombin (AT III), a major circulating anticoagulant, may be influenced by ischemia-induced changes in microvascular integrity and contribute to localized hypercoagulability. In a nonheparinized intact canine hindlimb model we determined AT III activity by chromogenic substrate assay (S-2238); coagulation changes with fibrinogen, activated partial(More)
THE disastrous consequences of infarction of the bowel are well documented. In an accumulated series of 274 patients from seven major centres up to 1975 the mortality averaged 95 per cent.' Baccelli2 in 1918 first described the syndrome of chronic intestinal ischaemia manifested by post-prandial pain. It was not until 1933 that Connor3 and Dunphy4 linked(More)