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INTRODUCTION Schistosoma haematobium infection afflicts about 150 million people in 53 countries in Africa and the Middle East. In many endemic areas, S. haematobium is sympatric with Schistosoma bovis, Schistosoma mattheei, Schistosoma curassoni, Schistosoma intercalatum and Schistosoma magrebowiei, its closely related species. In addition, they also(More)
Schistosoma haematobium is one of the most prevalent parasitic flatworms, infecting over 112 million people in Africa. However, little is known about the genetic diversity of natural S. haematobium populations from the human host because of the inaccessible location of adult worms in the host. We used 4 microsatellite loci to genotype individually pooled S.(More)
The instrument used was the ABEM Terrameter SAS 300B, employing the Schlumberger electrode configuration. Interpretation of the VES data by partial curve matching technique aided by computer modeling showed that the sampled earth subsurface can be described mainly in terms of four geoelectric layers. Estimate of aquifer characteristics showed that the(More)
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