Charles Elbaum

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We present a general neural model for supervised learning of pattern categories which can resolve pattern classes separated by nonlinear, essentially arbitrary boundaries. The concept of a pattern class develops from storing in memory a limited number of class elements (prototypes). Associated with each prototype is a modifiable scalar weighting factor (λ)(More)
We report a study of the peak-effect phase diagram of a strongly disordered type-II superconductor V-21 at. %Ti using ac magnetic susceptibility and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS). In this system, the peak effect appears only at fields higher than 3.4 T. The sample is characterized by strong atomic disorder. Vortex states with field-cooled thermal(More)
The study of distributed memory systems has produced a number of models which work well in limited domains. However, until recently, the application of such systems to realworld problems has been difficult because of storage limitations, and their inherent architectural (and for serial simulation, computational) complexity. Recent development of memories(More)
Velocity changes as a function of temperature, at T < 1 K, were used to study the effects of structural relaxation and reversibility of two-level tunneling systems characteristics of the metallic glass PdSiCu. The existence of reversibility of the product of density of states and deformation potential for TLS has been confirmed between the temperatures of(More)
Ultrasonic s t u d i e s of phase t r a n s i t i o n s and of some r e l a t e d phenomena i n various systems a r e b r i e f l y reviewed. The responses of high frequency < u l t r a s o n i c ) s t r e s s waves t o order parameter changes and t o p r e t r a n s i t i o n a l f luc tua t ions a r e discussed. lhphasis is given t o recent inves t iga t(More)
The plastic deformation of bee 3He crystals has been studied near the melting curve, in the temperature range 0.65 K :::; T:::; 1.17 K, and for strain rates, E, from 2X 10to 2X 10sec-I. The resulting relations between strain rate and stress, at a given temperature, are accounted for in terms of dislocation climb and vacancy diffusion in the solid He. The(More)
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