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We present a general neural model for supervised learning of pattern categories which can resolve pattern classes separated by nonlinear, essentially arbitrary boundaries. The concept of a pattern class develops from storing in memory a limited number of class elements (prototypes). Associated with each prototype is a modifiable scalar weighting factor (λ)(More)
We report a study of the peak-effect phase diagram of a strongly disordered type-II superconductor V-21 at. %Ti using ac magnetic susceptibility and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS). In this system, the peak effect appears only at fields higher than 3.4 T. The sample is characterized by strong atomic disorder. Vortex states with field-cooled thermal(More)
The study of distributed memory systems has produced a number of models which work well in limited domains. However, until recently, the application of such systems to real-world problems has been difficult because of storage limitations, and their inherent architectural (and for serial simulation, computational) complexity. Recent development of memories(More)
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