Charles E. Young

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21 The mammalian lumbar spinal cord has the capability to generate locomotor activity in the 22 absence of input from the brain. Previously, we reported that transcutaneous electrical 23 stimulation of the spinal cord at vertebral level T11 can activate the locomotor circuitry in non-24 injured subjects when their legs are placed in a gravity neutral(More)
1353 T ype 2 diabetes and its complications are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in adults. In 1992, patients with diabetes constituted 4.5% of the U.S. population but accounted for 14.6% of total U.S. health care expenditures (1). Approximately 1 in 7 health care dollars is currently spent on caring for diabetic individuals, and 95% of these(More)
We have recently developed a wide-field photon-counting detector having high-temporal and high-spatial resolutions and capable of high-throughput (the H33D detector). Its design is based on a 25 mm diameter multi-alkali photocathode producing one photo electron per detected photon, which are then multiplied up to 10 7 times by a 3-microchannel plate stack.(More)
The findings and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the National Abstract Understanding the meaning of rational numbers and how to perform mathematical operations with those numbers seems to be a perennial problem in the United States for both adults and children. Based on previous work, we hypothesized that(More)
The findings and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the (2011). How middle-school mathematics teachers use interim and benchmark assessment data. Abstract In 2001, the enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act intensified the pressure on school districts to raise test(More)
The trade-offs involved in allocating carotenoid pigments and food to healing and regrowing damaged caudal fin tissue v. other functions were examined in guppies Poecilia reticulata, a species in which females prefer males that display larger amounts of carotenoids in their skin. The guppies were derived from four natural populations in Trinidad that(More)
Synopsis Amyloid ȕ-protein (Aȕ 1) is believed to cause Alzheimer's disease (AD). Aȕ42 is substantially more neurotoxic than Aȕ40 and this increased toxicity correlates with existence of unique Aȕ42 oligomers. Met 35 oxidation to sulfoxide or sulfone eliminates the differences in early oligomerization between Aȕ40 and Aȕ42. Met 35 oxidation to sulfoxide was(More)