Charles E. Roessler

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This paper reviews the data generated in studies of land radioactivity and indoor airborne radon progeny associated with mined and reclaimed phosphate lands in Florida. Highest indoor radon progeny levels are associated with the slab-on-grade type of construction. Concentrations exceeding 0.03 WL are associated with overburden soils, deposits and fill,(More)
In this work, a simplified method is used to estimate the growth of Staphylococcus aureus in a pasteurized meat product left for several hours at environmental temperatures (diurnal time) in warm climates of different cities in Argentina. Hourly temperature data for a warm January (the hottest month of the year) day, and literature data on the kinetics of(More)
As part of an ongoing project studying the radiological and environmental effects of the application of phosphogypsum (PG) to agricultural land, a preliminary comparison was made between the base line EPA radon flux measurement technology that uses LAACC's and new methods using EIC's. These studies were made at the Range Cattle Research and Education(More)