Charles E Nwolisa

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Prescribing practices of doctors in different clinical settings have been documented but there is a dearth of information on prescribing practices with regards to children especially the under fives. This study set to describe the prescribing practices of doctors attending to under fives in a children's outpatient clinic. The information obtained is(More)
BACKGROUND Several interventional programmes which sought broadly to promote the health of the child and also prevent diseases were introduced globally in the latter period of the last century. This study set to describe the pattern of morbidity among pre-school children attending the children's outpatient clinic of the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri. (More)
The increasing number of patients presenting with severe anaemia and who invariably receive blood transfusion is of concern. This retrospective study reports the pattern of presentation and the outcome of management of patients who were transfused in the Emergency Paediatric Unit of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, between September 2002 and August 2004.
BACKGROUND Temporal artery (TA) thermometry has come as one of the new methods for temperature measurement, especially in children in whom accurate temperature monitoring can save lives. The device which is convenient and simple to use is yet to gain popularity in several parts of the world, as there are conflicting reports of its accuracy. This study(More)
Picky eating (‘fussy’ or ‘choosy eating’) is a common behavior in preschool children, which may persist into late childhood and adolescence [1-4]. It is usually classified as part of a spectrum of ‘feeding difficulties’ where it is the most common form at one end, with severe eating disorders at the other end [5]. There is no consensus yet on a single(More)
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