Charles E. Mosher

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An integrated approach to the visualization of volumes in which volumetric and geometric data are unified is presented. The method allows different algorithms and techniques to be easily implemented and combined, and creates an environment in which new techniques can be explored. The approach described is general and can be implemented on any programmable(More)
We have undertaken to provide radiotherapists with Computer-Aided Design and 3D display tools to advance radiation treatment planning. A major part of this effort is a CAD tool for radiation treatment design that allows physicians to comfortably explore alternatives to traditional treatment geometries. Care has been taken to create an intuitive and highly(More)
Shaded graphics display has been demonstrated to have the potential of providing comprehension of the 3D structure of and interrelationships between organs, diseased anatomy, and surgically implanted objects appearing in medical images such as computed tomograms (CT scans) and magnetic resonance images, as well as of and between calculated objects such as(More)
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