Charles E. Moore

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A cross-sectional study was conducted with 50 African American head and neck cancer survivors. Common coping strategies were identified and examined in relation with quality of life and relationship well-being. Coping through support from God, seeking emotional support from family and friends, and helping others were the most commonly used strategies.(More)
Design trade-offs for a low-voltage two-stage amplifier in the HP CMOS14 process are presented and some of the issues of low-voltage analog design are discussed. The design of a new constant-transconductance input stage that has a rail-to-rail common-mode input range is described, along with the rail-to-rail class-AB output stage. The performance(More)
Head and neck cancer is the ninth most common cancer in the USA, accounting for 3.3 % of all cancers. The incidence of head and neck cancer has plateaued recently; however, morbidity and mortality continue to remain high. Moreover, racial disparity between African-American and White patients has been studied in the head and neck community, and a vast(More)
Multiple factors contribute to disparities in head and neck cancer prevalence across the sociodemographic spectrum, including a lack of screening efforts in mostly underserved minority communities. African Americans and other ethnic minorities are at greater risk for late-stage diagnoses due to the lack of routine screenings and examinations. Advanced stage(More)
  • Citation Twu, X Li, C Moore, G Ceder Synthesis, Lithiation
  • 2013
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Driven by the need for new cathode battery materials with high energy density, fluorides have emerged as promising candidates due to their high voltages. From high throughput computations, dirutile LiMnF 4 was identified as a promising cathode with a high conversion voltage and a theoretical specific capacity of 584 mAh/g. In this work, we study the(More)
novative, portable, electronic instrument measures position in three dimensions with second-order accuracy. Mechanical [),esign Constraints for a Total Station, by Ronald K. Kerschner Electronic position measurement accuracy isn't usable without a stable frame and bearing sysfern. When the same optical system has lo serve as both telescope and(More)
A low-jitter charge-pump PLL is built in 90-nm CMOS for 1–10 Gb/s SerDes transmitter clocking. The PLL employs a programma-ble dual-path loop filter with integrating path and novel resistorless proportional path that can be independently controlled and accurately modeled for flexible setting of closed-loop bandwidth and peaking. Frequency is synthesized(More)
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