Charles E. Hall

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The authors evaluated a site-independent telemedicine system. Telemedicine may be limited by the need for fixed connectivity. Wireless and site-independent technologies eliminate this limitation. Twenty-five stroke patients underwent evaluations by remote and bedside examiners. Ten of 15 (67%) NIH Stroke Scale and 9 of 11 (82%) Modified NIH Stroke Scale(More)
Clinical trials provide a robust mechanism to advance science and change clinical practice across the widest possible spectrum. Fundamental in the Neurocritical Care Society's mission is to promote Quality Patient Care by identifying and implementing best medical practices for acute neurological disorders that are consistent with the current scientific(More)
Systems that evolve over time and follow mathematical laws as they do so, are called dynamical systems. Lymphocyte recovery and clinical outcomes in 41 allograft recipients conditioned using anti-­‐ thymocyte globulin (ATG) and 4.5 Gray total-­‐body-­‐irradiation were studied to determine if immune reconstitution could be described as a dynamical system.(More)
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and its receptor TrkB are crucial for many forms of neuronal plasticity, including structural long-term potentiation (sLTP), which is a correlate of an animal's learning. However, it is unknown whether BDNF release and TrkB activation occur during sLTP, and if so, when and where. Here, using a fluorescence resonance(More)
The Rho GTPase proteins Rac1, RhoA and Cdc42 have a central role in regulating the actin cytoskeleton in dendritic spines, thereby exerting control over the structural and functional plasticity of spines and, ultimately, learning and memory. Although previous work has shown that precise spatiotemporal coordination of these GTPases is crucial for some forms(More)
Reports indicating that low doses of cadmium caused vasodilation, but that larger quantities elicited a pressor response, apparently mediated by a CNS reflex, prompted an examination of cadmium-induced changes in CNS responsiveness and activity. Rats were injected intraperitoneally with either 2 mg/kg or 4 mg/kg of CdCl2 solution, after which the CNS was(More)
The effect of daily treatment (sometimes interrupted) with the calcium blocker nisoldipine at two different dose levels, one double the other, on the development of spontaneous hypertension in the rat was evaluated. Both doses prevented development of the disorder during daily administration, but when treatment was stopped the same degree of hypertension as(More)
Mononephrectomized rats were given 1% NaCl solution to drink; half of them received 1 mg/day of 19-oxo-11 deoxycorticosterone acetate (19-oxo-DOCA) in sesame oil subcutaneously and half received only the oil for a period of four weeks. The steroid had no effect upon saline intake, systolic blood pressure, growth or the size of adrenals, hearts or kidneys,(More)
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