Charles E. Esson

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This paper discusses an efficient way of reconstructing spheres from the occluding contours of two views. It takes into consideration, the geometric properties of the system and uses frontier points as additional data. This algorithm is especially useful for applications where the objects to be modelled are known to resemble spheres and where speed is of(More)
Fitting of conics to a set of points is a well researched area and is used in many fields of science and engineering. Least squares methods are one of the most popular techniques available for conic fitting and among these, orthogonal distance fitting has been acknowledged as the ’best’ least squares method. Although the accuracy of orthogonal distance(More)
 This paper described several developmental stages of the male urogenital system in the koala Phascolarctos cinereus, employing both light and scanning electron microscopy. There are few studies of the development of the urogenital system in male marsupials. Findings by White and Timms (1994) that male koalas can be infected with Chlamydia psittaci(More)
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