Charles E. Drebing

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OBJECTIVE Two hypotheses were tested: (1) In a sample of adult men, past experience of child abuse (sexual, physical, or emotional) will be related to higher levels of reported alienation from religion and God as shown in lower rates of current religious behavior, higher frequency of spiritual "injury," and lower stability of religious behavior and(More)
OBJECTIVE Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a potentially disabling mental illness that can cause occupational dysfunction. Although vocational rehabilitation is often prescribed for patients with PTSD, standard vocational services are far from adequate in helping them obtain and maintain competitive employment. This study is the first to examine the(More)
The purpose of this study is to identify what factors predict job and career commitment among professional caregivers working with patients with dementia. A secondary analysis was completed using data collected from 77 professional caregivers working in residential dementia special care programs. The findings suggest that professional caregivers' commitment(More)
OBJECTIVE This study seeks to compare the effectiveness of Veterans Health Administration's (VHA) transitional work experience (TWE) services and a minimal but common intervention-job placement (JP) services, for veterans with co-morbid substance and psychiatric disorders. METHODS We conducted a random clinical trial comparing work outcomes for 89(More)
Supported housing is a service model that couples provision of independent housing with provision of community-based supports for individuals with psychiatric disabilities at risk of homelessness. Despite its promise as an alternative to traditional sequential residential rehabilitation programs, supported housing has not been evaluated to an extent that(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined whether climate has an impact on inpatient psychiatric length of stay in Veterans Health Administration hospitals (VHA). METHOD Data from the National Weather Service for eight climate variables for the locations of 134 VHA hospitals nationwide were factor analyzed, resulting in two climate factors representing temperature and(More)
Our study investigates the nature of elevated depression scores on the MMPI-168 in human-immunodeficiency-virus- (HIV-)infected individuals. Comparison of MMPI scales, factor scores, and individual depression item endorsement rates were made between three groups of homosexual/bisexual men: asymptomatic HIV-1 seropositives (n = 156), symptomatic HIV-1(More)
This study represents the first attempt to cross validate and report on the Neuropsychology Behavior and Affect Profile (NBAP) using closed head injury (CHI) participants. The NBAP is designed to measure emotional functioning before and following a brain event. Two CHI samples, differing primarily by method of ascertainment, were compared to a group of(More)
The objective of this study was to establish the validity and reliability of the Professional Caregivers' Burden Index (PCBI), a new measure of burden for professionals who work with patients with Alzheimer's disease. In phase 1, content validity was examined; in phase 2, the 24-item instrument was administered to professional caregivers on specialty(More)