Charles E. Bracker

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The Spitzenkörper, located in the apex of growing hyphae of septate fungi, has been portrayed previously as a spheroid complex containing a cluster of apical (secretory) vesicles which sometimes encloses a differentiated core area. With the aid of computer-enhanced video microscopy and phase-contrast optics, we studied 32 fungi in the Ascomycetes,(More)
Cell-free extracts from the wall-less slime mutant of Neurospora crassa and the mycelium of wild type exhibit similar chitin synthetase properties in specific activity, zymogenicity and a preferential intracellular localization of chitosomes. The yield of chitosomal chitin synthetase from sline cells was essentially the same irrespective of cell breakage(More)
Ultrastructure of the association between the rust fungus, Melampsora lini, and a compatible variety of flax, Linum usitatissimum, was studied to clarify the structural relationships and interactions at the site of host penetration and at the host-parasite interface. Results of freeze-etching as well as a special section-staining procedure consisting of(More)
Golgi apparatus in subapical regions of hyphae consist of paranuclear dictyosomes with 4–5 cisternae each. Transverse and tangential sections provide ultrastructural evidence for a three-dimensional architectural model of the Golgi apparatus and a stepwise mechanism for dictyosome multiplication. The dictyosomes are polarized, with progressive morphological(More)
The fine structure of isolated chitin synthetase (UDP-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-D-glucose:chitin 4-,B-acetamidodeoxyglucosyltransferase; EC particles (chitosomes) from Mucor rouxii and the elaboration of chitin microfibrils were studied by electron microscopy. Chitosomes are spheroidal, but often polymorphic, structures, mostly 40-70 nm in diameter.(More)
Rapidly heated prerigor beef is tender because of incompletely described myofibrillar disruption and tissue fracture. This study was designed to evaluate the effects of heating rate on heat-induced myofibrillar shortening, ultrastructural changes, and fracture behavior in prerigor triceps brachii muscle. Rapid heating (2°C/2 min) to 53°C caused (P < 0·05)(More)
Growing hyphal tips of higher fungi contain an organized assemblage of secretory vesicles and other cell components collectively known as the Spitzenkörper. Until now, the Spitzenkörper has been portrayed as a single spheroid complex located near the apical cell wall. This study demonstrates the occurrence of multiple Spitzenkörper in growing hyphal apices(More)
The interpretation of muscle structure by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) has not been consistent among various studies. Consequently, the literature is confusing with respect to the identity of T-tubules, transverse ridges, Z-disks, and intermyofibrillar connections. The objective of this research was to evaluate the effects of different methods of(More)
In germinated sporangiospores of Gilbertella persicaria, negatively contrasted fibrils, 20–70 Å diam, are seen in thin sections of the inner vegetative wall that is continuous with the germ tube wall. The fibrils are randomly oriented in a loose network in this wall and in the germ tube wall. Germ tubes have an additional surface layer of fine, positively(More)
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