Charles Delalonde

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—How can we take householders from being disengaged passive energy consumers towards being highly motivated retrofitting energy saving masters? In this paper the " Power law of engagement model for energy saving " is introduced, which breaks down the process of engaging householders into 8 defined stages. The model is based on the householder's level of(More)
This paper discusses the implementation of a smartphone application designed to help develop school pupils' knowledge in relation to a number of energy sustainability questions. This was then used as a method for collecting both quantitative and qualitative data from teachers to help us better understand the school pupils' levels of knowledge, engagement(More)
This research indicates how information retrieval activity is a social process helping to create a network of organizational expertise. After describing knowledge management practices in a research and development laboratory we propose a four steps model: Research, Support, Negotiation, and Reification. Built upon information research activities, this model(More)
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