Charles Delalonde

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—How can we take householders from being disengaged passive energy consumers towards being highly motivated retrofitting energy saving masters? In this paper the " Power law of engagement model for energy saving " is introduced, which breaks down the process of engaging householders into 8 defined stages. The model is based on the householder's level of(More)
This paper discusses the implementation of a smartphone application designed to help develop school pupils' knowledge in relation to a number of energy sustainability questions. This was then used as a method for collecting both quantitative and qualitative data from teachers to help us better understand the school pupils' levels of knowledge, engagement(More)
This research indicates how information retrieval activity is a social process helping to create a network of organizational expertise. After describing knowledge management practices in a research and development laboratory we propose a four steps model: Research, Support, Negotiation, and Reification. Built upon information research activities, this model(More)
Even though numerous organizations are nowadays involved in distance education, statistics show low retention rates and poor return on investment in various programs. With estimates of over three million students engaged in distance education, we must understand what leads to successful distance education environments for all constituencies (students,(More)
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