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The Politics of Agenda-Building: An Alternative Perspective for Modern Democratic Theory
The fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazi and fascist movements in the first half of the twentieth century sent out tremors that were to shake the very foundations of democratic thought.
Life Span Civic Development and Voting Participation.
Although a variety of age-related processes are known to affect rates of political participation over the adult life span, little is known about their interrelationships and relative impact. We set
The Political and Institutional Effects of Term Limits
SECTION I: POLITICAL IMPACTS OF TERM LIMITS Electoral Competition and Incumbency Advantages Funding Campaigns in a Term Limited House The Interest Group Connection: Money, Expertise and Support
Problems in the Structure and Use of Educational Simulation
Despite a burgeoning array of educational simulations, developments in this area have not been guided by much in the way of clear pedagogical criteria. Such criteria are needed to facilitate
The Political Uses of Symbolism
The important role that symbols play in political life was recognized years ago by Lasswell (1965), Arnold (1962), and others (Sapir, 1934; Merriam, 1964; Boulding, 1961; Lasswell and Kaplan, 1950).