Charles D. Swerdlow

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OBJECTIVE Both the startle reflex elicited by an intense acoustic or tactile stimulus and the perceived intensity of that stimulus can be diminished by a weak "prepulse" that precedes the startling stimulus. The present study examined whether prepulses can also diminish the pain produced by an intense electrical stimulus similar to that used to treat(More)
Abrasion-induced insulation breach is a common failure mode of silicone-body, transvenous, implantable cardioverter defibrillator leads. It is caused either by external compression or internal motion of conducting cables. The present method of monitoring lead integrity measures low frequency conductor impedance. It cannot detect insulation failures until(More)
The present study evaluated the ability of a weak electrical prepulse to modify startle caused by a more intense shock. Painful electrical shocks (150 V, 0.5 ms duration) were presented to the upper arm of college student participants, preceded on some trials by a weaker shock (0.5 ms duration, at perceptual threshold) at the same location. Intense shocks(More)
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