Charles D. Eads

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The effects of two triazole fungicides, myclobutanil and triadimefon, on endogenous rat metabolite profiles in blood serum, liver, and testis was assessed using proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H-NMR) spectroscopy. Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were dosed daily by gavage for 14 days with myclobutanil or triadimefon, at two dose levels for each triazole.(More)
The use of generalized correlation analysis (Noda, I. Appl. Spectrosc. 1993, 47, 1329-1336) for processing two-dimensional arrays of NMR data is described. This analysis produces complex two-dimensional spectra whose cross-peak intensities are related to correlations in the responses of pairs of signals to systematically incremented perturbations. The(More)
It is often useful to identify and quantify mixture components by analyzing collections of NMR spectra. Such collections arise in metabonomics and many other applications. Many mixtures studied by NMR can contain hundreds of compounds, and it is challenging to analyze the resulting complex spectra. We have approached the problem of separating signals from(More)
It is often desirable to selectively remove corrupting or uninteresting signals from complex NMR spectra without disturbing overlapping or nearby signals. For biofluids in particular, removal of solvent and urea signals is important for retaining quantitative accuracy in NMR-based metabonomics. This article presents a novel algorithm for efficient filtering(More)
Pure all-trans beta-carotene has been prepared on the 10's of grams scale by isothermal Fractional Dissolution (FD) of commercial laboratory samples in tetrahydrofuran (THF). beta-Carotene purified in this way is black, with a faint brownish tinge. The electronic spectra of black samples extend into the near infrared, with end-absorption past 750 nm. Black(More)
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