Charles D. Bernholz

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Migrant return is not a new topic for European – or for other – countries. This procedure has been used as a mechanism to control unwanted residents in nations other than their own, and is a manifestation of a sovereign's right to control its territory. Furthermore, it is not as negative as it may seem, because return migration encompasses voluntary return(More)
The Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the years 1824 through 1920, described the interactions between the American Indian tribes and the federal government. J. A. Jones (Jones, J. A. (1955). Key to the annual reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Ethnohistory, 2, 58–64) provided a key to these documents found in the United(More)
In a previous study, it was found that 209 of 375 recognized American Indian treaties have been cited in opinions of the United States Supreme Court (Bernholz, 2004). This guide now identifies – through 246 citations from 142 cases between the years 1863 and 2005 – 85 treaties found only in opinions of the lower Federal Court system. In addition, this(More)
Between the years 1855 and 1863, the opinions or breportsQ of the United States Court of Claims were delivered to the House of Representatives for final consideration. In total, 296 cases were conveyed, but in the process, Report 42 was lost and, according to indexes of such documents, bnever received by [the] House.Q This article cites examined records of(More)
The inconsistent spelling of American Indian tribal names at the end of the nineteenth century led in part to the development within the Office of Indian Affairs of an array of 270 standardized identifiers, ranging from Absaroka to Zuñi. These efforts paralleled the simultaneous improvement of a large suite of relevant terms by the United States Board on(More)
Binocular depth perception was investigated in 164 healthy Ss of the Normative Aging Study, in connection with a model of ocular aging which explains change in the dioptric media in the forties on the basis of mechanical change and later change in the retina on the basis of metabolic change. A modified Verhoeff stereopter was used. The results showed a(More)