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Unfounded music copyright lawsuits inhibit musical creativity and waste millions of taxpayer dollars annually. Our aim was to develop and test simple quantitative methods in order to supplementExpand
I Hear America Suing: Music Copyright Infringement in the Era of Electronic Sound
Twentieth-century developments in audio recording, copying, and broadcast technologies thoroughly altered not only how popular music is distributed and consumed, but also how it is created. By theExpand
Genius in a Bottle; Perfume, Copyright, and Human Perception
Since the establishment of modern copyright law nearly 300 years ago, national and international copyright regimes have accommodated political and technological developments not only by lengtheningExpand
Ethical Quandaries: The Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act and Claims for Works in Public Museums
In December 2016 Congress enacted the Holocaust Era Art Recovery Act (HEAR), which established a federal statute of limitations with an unusually long term, available exclusively to claimants inExpand
Intellectual Property Implications of 3D Printing of Cultural Heritage
For millennia access to tangible cultural artifacts like sculpture and paintings was determined by those possessing these objects. Their owners determined who could view these works, and certainlyExpand
3D Printing: Cultural Property as Intellectual Property
Long before the onset of the now-emblematic quarrel between England and Greece over the Parthenon marbles, nations and tribes have squabbled over the extraterritorial transfer of objects of purportedExpand