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GENI, the Global Environment for Network Innovations, is a National Science Foundation project to create a "virtual laboratory at the frontiers of network science and engineering for exploring future internets at scale." It provides researchers, educators, and students with resources that they can use to build their own networks that span the country(More)
—Testbeds such as GENI provide an ideal environment for experimenting with future internet architectures such as ChoiceNet. Unlike the narrow waist of the current Internet (IP), ChoiceNet encourages alternatives and competition at the network layer via an economic plane that allows users to choose and purchase precisely the services they need. In this paper(More)
—When playing online games, the user experience is often dictated by the performance of the network. To deliver the best possible gaming experience, game developers often find themselves developing work-arounds that try to mask the lack of control they have over of the existing TCP/IP Internet. ChoiceNet, an emerging future Internet architecture, attempts(More)
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