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—Clustering is a very useful scheme for data structuring and retrieval behuhcause it can handle large volumes of multi-dimensional data and employs a very fast algorithm. Other forms of data structuring techniques include hashing and binary tree structures. However, clustering has the advantage of employing little computational storage requirements and a(More)
— This paper presents a technique for fingerprint image enhancement using wavelet processing. The algorithm developed uses Daubechies' wavelets for decomposition as well as reconstruction of the fingerprint image. Experimental results indicate that this algorithm is quite effective, and performs quite competitively with existing methods. 1 INTRODUCTION I N(More)
Homomorphic and non-homomorphic filtering have been used in speckle noise removal from images but the homomorphic technique is more widely used. In this paper, the performance the homomorphic and non-homomorphic averaging filter, wiener filter and median filter were investigated. From the result of the simulations, the homomorphic median filtering gave(More)
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