Charles C. N. Wang

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Several dynamic models of a gene regulatory network of the light-induced floral transition process in Arabidopsis have been developed to capture the behavior of gene transcription and infer predictions based on experimental observations. It has been proven that the models can make accurate and novel predictions, which generate testable hypotheses. Two major(More)
Computer-aided drug design methodologies have proven to be very effective, greatly enhancing the efficiency of drug discovery and development processes. In this paper we describe how to integrate complex drug discovery problems and computational solutions via a semantic interface. In particular we describe a Structured Natural Language approach to chemical(More)
Web services have become increasingly important in biomedical research as tools that allow databases and algorithms to be accessed programmatically as computational components in programs. Various biomedical web services differ in their definitions and invocation protocols, as well as their communication and data formats and this presents a barrier to(More)