Charles C. Lauritsen

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The new field of quantum error correction has developed spectacularly since its origin less than two years ago. Encoded quantum information can be protected from errors that arise due to uncontrolled interactions with the environment. Recovery from errors can work effectively even if occasional mistakes occur during the recovery procedure. Furthermore,(More)
I assess the potential of quantum computation. Broad and important applications must be found to justify construction of a quantum computer; I review some of the known quantum algorithms and consider the prospects for finding new ones. Quantum computers are notoriously susceptible to making errors; I discuss recently developed fault-tolerant procedures that(More)
The general properties of two commonly used methods of interval estimation for population parameters in physics are examined Both of these methods em ploy the likelihood function i Obtaining an interval by nding the points where the likelihood decreases from its maximum by some speci ed ratio ii Obtaining an interval by nding points corresponding to some(More)