Charles Brua

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Cationic polymers possessing primary amine groups are inefficient in transferring nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells. With appropriate chemical modification, namely glycolylation of the amine groups of polylysine and polyallylamine, the actual number of free amino groups was decreased, hydrophilic residues were introduced, and the cytotoxicity of both(More)
In the cardiovascular system, nitric oxide (NO) is involved in the short and long-term regulation of haemodynamics, and in a number of their pathological alterations. Investigation into the biochemistry of NO-synthase isoforms has confirmed that they also all produce superoxide anion (O(*)). The free radical NO can interact with many targets on which novel(More)
This article examines a context in which immigrants from the former Soviet Union must navigate the English-speaking medical system in a semi-rural area of the USA. In this setting, institutional interpretation resources are not consistently available, and various informal arrangements emerge. One type consists of naive interpreters such as family members of(More)
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