Charles Borchert

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Concurrent with progress in biomedical sciences, an overwhelming of textual knowledge is accumulating in the biomedical literature. PubMed is the most comprehensive database collecting and managing biomedical literature. To help researchers easily understand collections of PubMed abstracts, numerous clustering methods have been proposed to group similar(More)
OBJECTIVE Biomedical document conceptualization is the process of clustering biomedical documents based on ontology-represented domain knowledge. The result of this process is the representation of the biomedical documents by a set of key concepts and their relationships. Most of clustering methods cluster documents based on invariant domain knowledge. The(More)
In the age of increasing information availability, many techniques, such as document clustering and information visualization, have been developed to ease understanding of information for users. However, most of these methods do not help users directly understand key concepts and their semantic relationships in document corpora, which are critical for(More)
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