Charles Bodwell

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Of 824 women screened, 410 were enrolled at midpregnancy in a prospective, randomized, controlled nutrition intervention study. Of these, 226 were predicted as likely to have small or large babies, 184 to have average-sized babies. Two hundred thirty eight mothers received USDA Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Food Supplementation vouchers from(More)
The apparent and true digestibilities of the same preparations of six proteins (spray dried whole egg, cottage cheese, canned tuna, peanut flour, soy isolate, and wheat gluten) were estimated in four to five men and in rats and compared to estimates of digestibility from three different in vitro enzymic digestion procedures. For all six proteins, the(More)
Eight men were fed at maintenance for 2 wk, followed by 4 wk at 50% of maintenance, then 1 wk at maintenance. The diets were formulated to contain either 40% or 20% of energy from fat. Daily energy expenditure (24-h EE) was determined by indirect calorimetry at the end of the 2-wk maintenance period; on days 1, 7, and 28 of reduced energy intake; and on(More)
The iron status of men, women and children consuming beef extended with soy protein was evaluated by measuring serum ferritin and clinical parameters of iron status during a six-month study. Fifty-two families (245 participants) were randomly assigned to consume, for 180 days, 1 of 7 beef products: all beef, beef extended with either soy isolate, soy(More)
Eight laboratories (7 of the laboratories conducted animal experiments) participated in a collaborative study to standardize some of the methodology associated with animal bioassays for determining protein efficiency ratios and to suggest improvements which would reduce the variation among laboratories. One-, 2-, 3-, and 4-week protein efficiency ratios(More)
A new method for the estimation of body composition in humans, called infrared interactance, is discussed. Infrared interactance is based on the principles of light absorption, reflection, and near-infrared spectroscopy. Body composition (percentage fat) was estimated in 53 adults (23 to 65 yr of age) by infrared interactance and compared to results from(More)
Enhanced digestion of yogurt by lactose-intolerant individuals is believed to be due to inherent beta-galactosidase (lactase) in the culture organisms that aids in the hydrolysis of ingested lactose. However, sweet acidophilus milk, which contains lactase-rich organisms, does not enhance lactose digestion. Using breath-hydrogen measurements to indicate(More)
The effect of a 50% reduction in food intake on energy expenditure, protein metabolism, glucose cycling, and body composition was investigated in eight moderately overweight men. The prestudy mean calorie and protein intake was determined for eight subjects. They were then maintained on this diet for 6 weeks (mean +/- SEM, 3,269 +/- 75 kcal/d, 20.0 +/- 0.5(More)