Charles Bloom

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The affine transform is a fundamental computer graphics tool. While there are many situations which require the linear combination of such transformations, most practioners find these operations troublesome due to the non-linear nature of rotations. Alexa [2002] proposed a methodology for treating transforms as linear, and although this is a worthwhile(More)
Introduction A new compression algorithm is presented which may either be considered an improvement to dictionary coding or an improvement to context coding. This algorithm works by reducing the set of available window position, for an LZ77 encoder to match from; thus fewer bits are required to indicate the match-from location, and higher compression is(More)
LEAP is a coached practice environment that optimizes the learning process by maintaining and consulting a detailed student model. LEAP calculates a student model score for every action, exercise, and topic the student tries, then uses the scores both to provide feedback to the student and to select topics, exercises and actions for the student to practice.(More)
The PPM algorithm is known to be one of the most powerful data compression techniques. However, it uses a large amount of memory, and operates slowly. Several new techniques were explored which address the problems with PPM, at each order of context modeling : the DefSum order-0 coder. the ListLRU order-l coder, the StaticHuff order-l coder, and the PPMCB(More)
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