Charles Bih Shiou Tsang

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OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of a novel coloplasty colonic pouch design in optimizing bowel function after ultralow anterior resection. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA A colonic J-pouch may reduce excessive stool frequency and incontinence after anterior resection, but at the risk of evacuation problems. Experimental surgery on pigs has suggested that a(More)
There is growing enthusiasm for robotic-assisted laparoscopic operations across many surgical specialities, including colorectal surgery, often not supported by robust clinical or cost-effectiveness data. A proper assessment of this new technology is required, prior to widespread recommendation or implementation. The ROLARR trial is a pan-world,(More)
Single-port endo-laparoscopic surgery has gained support in the surgical community because it is perceived to offer a better postoperative outcome as it requires only a single incision. We write this prospective observational study to ascertain the feasibility and safety of this technique in patients otherwise requiring two operations. Five patients who(More)
BACKGROUND Bleeding per rectum is a common indication for acute hospital admissions to the colorectal department. The frequencies of aetiologies in Singapore are different from those in Western populations. A retrospective analysis of the demography, pathology and management of acute bleeding per rectum was performed to determine the outcome and difference(More)
OBJECTIVES The National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) publishes hospital-level risk-adjusted mortality rates following hip fracture surgery in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The performance of the risk model used by the NHFD was compared with the widely-used Nottingham Hip Fracture Score. METHODS Data from 94 hospitals on patients aged 60 to 110 who(More)
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