Charles B Mooney

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We propose a novel approach to continuous bioprocessing of gases. A miniaturized, coated-paper strip, high gas fraction, biocomposite absorber has been developed using slowly shaken horizontal anaerobic tubes. Concentrated Clostridium ljungdahlii OTA1 was used as a model system. These gas absorbers demonstrate elevated CO mass transfer with low power input,(More)
A high-vacuum low-temperature atomic force microscope (AFM) for the direct observation of freeze-fracture samples has been developed. This AFM has a freeze-fracture mechanism inside the vacuum chamber. With this AFM it is possible to observe the fractured surface directly without both fabricating a replica and exposure to the ambient atmosphere. Both(More)
We describe a latex wet coalescence extrusive coating method that produces up to 10-fold specific photosynthetic rate enhancements by nitrate-limited non-growing cyanobacteria deposited onto paper, hydrated and placed in the gas-phase of small tube photobioreactors. These plant leaf-like biocomposites were used to study the tolerance of cyanobacteria(More)
The North American river otter (Lontra canadensis) serves as an indicator species for environmental monitoring, is prized as a valuable furbearer, and is a popular display animal in zoologic collections. Nephrolithiasis has been reported as a frequent problem in other free-ranging and captive otter species but is rarely reported in North American river(More)
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