Charles-Antoine Coupet

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TLR are involved in the detection of microbial infection as well as endogenous ligands that signal tissue and cell damage in mammals. This recognition plays an essential role in innate immune response and the initiation of adaptive immune response. We have previously shown that murine CD8 T cells express TLR2, and that costimulation of Ag-activated CD8 T(More)
IL-4 is one of the main cytokines produced during Th2-inducing pathologies. This cytokine has been shown to affect a number of immune processes such as Th differentiation and innate immune responses. However, the impact of IL-4 on CD8 T cell responses remains unclear. In this study, we analyzed the effects of IL-4 on global gene expression profiles of(More)
Most memory CD8 T cell subsets that have been hitherto defined are generated in response to infectious pathogens. In this study, we have characterized the CD8 T cells that survive priming conditions, devoid of pathogen-derived danger signals. In both a TCR-transgenic model and a model of contact hypersensitivity, we show that the priming of naive CD8 T(More)
Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination of new born babies can protect children against tuberculosis (TB), but fails to protect adults consistently against pulmonary TB underlying the urgent need to develop novel TB vaccines. Majority of first generation TB vaccine candidates have relied on a very limited number of antigens typically belonging to the(More)
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