Charles-André Haenggeli

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PURPOSE We wished to determine the incidence of first provoked and nonprovoked epileptic seizures in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland. METHODS Between June 1, 1990 and May 31, 1991, we collected all cases of suspected epileptic seizures referred to the two hospitals of the county of Geneva, Switzerland and to the private neurologists of the town. The(More)
PURPOSE In patients with head and neck cancer enrolled onto a prospective study of positron emission tomography (PET), pretreatment 2-[(18)F] fluoro-2- deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) uptake was evaluated as a predictor of local control and disease-free survival (DFS) after treatment by radiotherapy (RT) with or without chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS We studied(More)
CONCLUSION Subjectivity seems to play a definite role in the interpretation of the pendular test, but somewhat less for caloric testing, where pure visual analysis seems to be more reliable. Automated values provided by proof-tested software may be useful. OBJECTIVES In some centers, the interpretation of videonystagmography is still based on direct(More)
Aromatic l-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) deficiency is characterized by an almost complete absence of sympathetic autoregulation, because of very low levels of circulating catecholamines. Here, we report the successful management of four consecutive anesthesia procedures in a young child presenting with AADC deficiency. Our experience suggests that, with(More)
The clinical, neurophysiological and neuroradiological data of 10 babies who, at the age of three months showed a severe leucomalacia usually combined with cortical atrophy, are presented. All had shown signs of intrauterine asphyxia and were severely hypotonic and suffered from seizures in the neonatal period. At the age of 3 months, all patients were(More)
A significant number of deaf patients that have received cochlear implants now achieve higher word recognition scores then those with conventional auditory prostheses. This situation makes the choice of which type of auditory rehabilitation to propose a complex matter in patients with remaining auditory function. Our paper aims at providing some arguments(More)
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