Charles A. Oprian

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OBJECTIVES The goal of this study was to compare long-term survival and valve-related complications between bioprosthetic and mechanical heart valves. BACKGROUND Different heart valves may have(More)
For the determination of the risk factors associated with the development of and death caused by prosthetic valve endocarditis, data were reviewed from 66 patients who were prospectively entered into(More)
BACKGROUND The National Veterans Affairs Surgical Risk Study was designed to collect reliable, valid data on patient risk and outcomes for major surgery in the Veterans Health Administration and to(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify preoperative and intraoperative variables predictive of left ventricular dysfunction 6 months after aortic valve replacement. Patients were considered to(More)
BACKGROUND Mechanical heart valves are durable but thrombogenic, and their use requires that the patient receive anticoagulants. In contrast, bioprosthetic valves are less thrombogenic, but they have(More)
Complications were surveyed prospectively in 2,029 catheterizations performed on 1,483 patients from the 13 centers participating in the VA Cooperative Study on Valvular Heart Disease. Complications(More)