Charles A Sanders

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FOREWORD The Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) was requested by the Senate Committee on Human Resources ". . .to examine current Federal policies and current medical practices to determine whether a reasonable amount of justification should be provided before costly new medical technologies and procedures are put into general use. " This area of study(More)
The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative is the largest public-private partnership on brain research underway at the National Institutes of Health. This 6-year study tracks cognitive and brain changes in normal subjects, those with mild cognitive impairment, and individuals with Alzheimer's disease. It was designed to provide better tools for(More)
ii FOREWORD This study, Policy Implications of the Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner, was requested by the Senate Committee on Finance and the Senate Committee on Human Resources. It examines the CT scanner, an expensive, new diagnostic device that combines X-ray and computer equipment. The CT scanner has been rapidly and enthusiastically accepted by the(More)
FOREWORD The proliferation of Federal health programs since the advent of Medicare and Medi-caid some 15 years ago has spawned a vast number of separate systems for the collection of health data. The demand for information describing these programs is immense and keeps growing. It now costs an estimated $100 million a year for Federal health statistical(More)
For psychiatry to be successfully integrated into the general hospital, the psychiatrist must function within the medical model, and his mode of practice must be consistent with general-hospital caretaking. The author discusses the positive effects of consultative and liaison psychiatry linkages in the general-hospital setting as well as the problems of(More)
PREFACE This report reviews the state-of-the-art of the use of computer technology in medical education and assessment. It both describes the technologies and strategies for computer-based education and assessment, the current state of medical education and assessment activities, and computer applications in medicine. It also provides examples of systems(More)
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