Charles A. Kohl

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The Image Understanding Environment (IUE) project is a ve year program, sponsored by ARPA, to develop a common object-oriented software environment for the development of algorithms and application systems. to review the design of this system and provides an overview of the implementation eeort currently under-eeort has the goal of a full C++ implementation(More)
GOLDIE is a system that has been developed to provide the top-down control of the low and intermediate level processes that create and modify the intermediate-level descriptions of image data used in image interpretation. The basic control structure of GOLDIE is the schema, a declarative specification of control strategies invoked in response to a request(More)
This paper presents the Image Understanding Environment (IUE) in the context of a number of image understanding problem domains. The intent is to demonstrate, via concrete examples , how the IUE can assist the user in solving real problems. The particular problems are chosen to provide a representative, rather than exhaustive, sampling of current vision(More)
CYP2C9 is involved in the metabolism of the oral anticoagulants warfarin, phenprocoumon, and acenocoumarol. It is also responsible for the 5'-hydroxylation of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug lornoxicam. Therefore, lornoxicam and the oral anticoagulants are potential inhibitors of their metabolism. Their inhibitory potency was investigated in(More)
Progress in the eld of Computer Vision/Image Understanding has long been hampered by the lack of standard software environments for research and application development. The Image Understanding Environment (IUE) is being implemented to provide a freely distributed standard software environment appropriate for a wide range of research and development(More)
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